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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lifelong learning from: Looking, Watching and Contemplating

Lifelong learning from Looking, Watching and Contemplating

1.       Watching a strong girl screaming and running away when seeing a cockroach, I understand the power of character and the weakness of knowledge and intelligence.
2.       Watching a healthy fainted when seeing someone is bleeding, I understand the power of things in his mind and the weakness of the strong muscles and assumed intelligence.
3.       Watching a young, healthy man running away and left his friend behind when seeing the danger, I understand the power of characters is more important than the power of muscle and power of knowledge.
4.       Watching a small dog bravely attack bigger dog to protect his owner, I understand the obsessed desires, and brave is more important than strong muscle and big muscles.
5.       Understanding the fears, roots of fears, the drives, habits, and behaviors make me understand deeper about human beings, and the hidden of a powerful mind.
6.       Watching a well-known manager scolding his staffs then taking home the properties of the company when no one saw, I understand the importance of characters, virtues, and compassionate mind than ever before.
7.       Watching a rich man wearing many luxury things, like praising, boasting then angrily scolding his staffs for a small error, I understand the power of character, intelligence, wealthy, healthy, and contentment.

8.       Watching many handsome intelligent men misery because of losing money in gambling still try to find a way to play gambling, I understand what is most important to a man. 

9. Watching a successful manager like to accumulating, possessing, taking, making a big profit and celebrating, then taking drugs at home for sleep, quiet mind, and at ease, I understand what is the deeper needs of mind of beings and what is the real hunger of the rich.
10.    Watching the joy of children play in nature, with natural objects: carrot, potato, flower, sand, rock, earth, tree, grass and fruit; and natural creatures: fish, chicken, dog, cat, duck, and so on. Then watching they play indifferently with plastic objects, emotionlessly playing in an artificial environment, artificial flower, bored with playing with intelligent robots, the intelligent robot shaped dog. I understand the vitality, sophistication of nature that human beings only understand very little. Children may jump, sing, dance, and smile with a dog, cat, and duck in water but they may never do that with the intelligent robots with dog-shaped, cat-shaped, and duck-shaped in luxury car, or shinning castle. We need to understand more about our children’s deepest needs. We need to understand the hunger of the children in wealthy and prosperous.
11.     Watching the science document films, I understand that the most sophisticated technology and printing can only print the object shaped orange; they can never print out the real orange had the same in countless varieties for our children to eat. To have a real orange as soon as possible, scientists only have to figure out the way to speed up the process of making the fruit of orange trees. They will take a long time to understand what is nature really is let alone creating an apple had the same characters of the real apple? Not understanding, how they can create? At least, they can create an object that all sense of people cannot recognize the differences by all human senses; they cannot create the same object.
12.    Living, studying, sleeping, working, and walking in the artificial boxes cuts all chances for people to get a connection with mysterious nature. They will be out of balance then creating more out of balance. This finding makes me awake with the problem of our society
13.    Watching the tribes in the Amazon jungle, I think of the living of modern human ancestors. To have modern human beings as we are today, our ancestors have to study, do, think and create need changes inside out to adapt well with the slow changes of nature. Too much and to fast changes of nature means too big the problems, too much pressure can destroy the whole tribes, communities, and nations. So the needed temperate changes, temperate pressures have pushed our ancestors to study, do, think, create and invent. In other words, the needed temperate changes in nature and society have made human ancestors evolved to have strength, abilities, and power to live well. This is true for all of us: infants, kids, students, adults, employees, and the old also.

14.    Watching a lot of successful men, women, well-fed children and who have a high standard of living have to take a lot of medications, sedative medications, and painkiller medication to have temporary at easy and good feelings. Some of them even taking drugs, committing crimes, and committing suicide, I awake with what are really the hunger of modern people, the power of characters, ability, understanding and the real lacking of modern society. I understand the root of our society’s problems: greed, anger and ignorance, and lack of characters.
15.    Watching a successful father angrily scolding and crucially beating his children even they are screaming, crying and saying sorry so many times. Then the father turned back to the wife shouting that he has to sacrifice all his time, money, energy, and even his life for his children but they do not obey his advice, do not know his sacrificing and his suffering. I understand that the characters like love, compassion, talking for understanding, kind heart, open-minded and mastering the art of using golden rules are much more important than IQ, intelligence, wealth and powerful muscles.

The new philosophy of relation between brain, mind, body, physical health, ego
16.    Reading human history, human wars, I understand that pace of nature, the laws of life and the paradoxes of life that scientists hardly to put on the mathematic equation. History is not made by the enforcement of power but make by the virtues, characters of great men. When one society lacked virtues and goodness, chaos and witty start to dominate society until there are men with virtues, characters, and understanding taking responsibility to make changes.
17.    Looking at a large crowd and many people in the society hysterically running and screaming, blaming then getting ill, I understand the power of the mind and the destruction of not understanding.
18.    Reading the autobiographies of great men, leaders and billionaires described since they were the babies, toddlers, youths and adults, many incidents have impacted their life. Then they train the mind and well governed the mind, they, the weak ordinary people, have made the changes and advancements in society. None of the great men said their success and understanding comes from their intelligence. They all value the persistence and characters.
19.    Reading the list of life of billionaires, the autography of most influential people, a great president, and their education, I understand the useless value of formal education, the useless value of boasting degrees, and boasting certification. I am awakened by the value of lifelong learning, persistence, and humility. I understand intelligence, IQ or degree to some extent reflex the abilities, values, and virtues of integrity men: “as within so without”. But with cheating men, they are the good tools to cover all their defects and weakness inside. Some bad men even like to accumulate degree and boast about it to make them temporary satisfy their needs and their greed. Do not listen to the sounding words, just close the eyes and feel the attitude, love, compassion, purposes, the pattern of speech, listen to greedy words, selfish words, you will not be cheated by them. They may be the slave of passions and sensual desires. They build thick covers, sounding words, sounding certificates, and aggressive strong emotions to hide and compensate for the weaknesses inside. Never taste the real happiness because of discontentment they constantly accumulate kinds of stuff to create thick, heavy, flashy and catchy covers. “Excessive outer to cover the weakness inside”. All their words will reveal their weakness. In and out are not the same, they start the process of imbalance. Sensitive mind and sensitive brain will silently suffer the imbalance that people do not know if they do not mindful. Then the imbalanced mind will silently control the people to create countless bad cause for them, relatives and all other people described in the law of cause and effect.
20.    The brain, with the weakest, soft, fragile nerve cells in the world, is the softest thing that controls the hardest cells, strongest cells, and whole body’s organ. When brain and cells become much stiffer, and much more rigid, the process of self-destruction will begin. This maybe is the hidden paradoxes pattern of evolution of materials in the universe.
21.    The changes in society are not from the power and intelligence of royal members, but from the characters and virtues of ordinary, weak men: Benjamin Franklin, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, and so on
Observing, watching all phenomena around make me understand that things are interdependent, inter-being, one in all and all in one, this because of that and that because of this. There is no separate self and separate being. Then I awaken that human beings are falling apart from their essence, virtues, and goodness.
Our children may become the victims and creators of the misery of lust, hatred, and ignorance. Because of the blind love of parents, ignorant parents support to satisfy the needs of their children quickly and unconditionally. After many time of quick satisfaction, the children become obsessed with happy feelings, they want to have more happy feelings without putting any efforts. Gradually, they become greedy children. Because of greed and unsatisfying greed, they may constantly fall into stress. They may become the victims of stress chemicals, the victims of living condition. To remove greed and hatred, children need to study more, train more and practice more to gain the knowledge and essential skills. Knowledge can help children stay away from the traps of delusion and ignorance. With knowledge, skills, and patience, children can control the needs, can control the anger and control the behaviors to move forwards noble goals. Children can create joy and happiness for themselves by their ability like characters, skills, and patience. Unfortunately, to gain knowledge, patience and essential skills gained from hard labors like studying, training and practicing are quite hard and painful at first. Some parents love their children so blindly that they cannot stand seeing their children suffering pain in first working so that they interfere or jump in to help their children. Parents may accidentally take all chances for their children to gain and develop essential skills, knowledge, patience and strong characters. Children with greed, hatred, and ignorance; and without knowledge, patience, and essential skills may be suffering endless pain and stress in their later life. To some extent, the bad characters and the disadvantages of parents may be inherited by their children.

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